Grade 12 Prank

Last Wednesday was the Grade 12 students last day of classes before the IB Exams. They have one week study vacation (which hopefully includes some sleep, study, food and preparation) before the IB written exams begin on May 2nd. 

Our dear sweet Grade 12’s decided to do a prank on the teachers. They used their creativity to make some different artistic installations around the Annexe. One room was full of chairs all piled up in a very artistic way… another room full of tables piled high to the ceiling. The BEST installation was our internal stairwell with dozens and dozens of glasses full of water with a sign telling that the glasses were full of the sweat and tears from the last two year! It was a beautiful art installation rather than a prank. The classroom whiteboards were also left with wise quotes relevant to the staff.

No destruction. No damage. No insults. No offensive language or signs. 


(Some students even came in early the next day to help clean up!)…. Did your school do things like this? 



Spending 2 days in Karlstad at the Association of Swedish IB Schools Conference. Very interesting talking with Coordinators and Heads of School regarding IB issues. Lots of new input, ideas, inspiration and a little IB ‘gossip’ I will definitely ‘steal’ (in true IB Spirit) some ideas shared by other IB schools.Image


Postcard Karlstad; Photo Jan Petterson

Personal Project time

It is crunch time for our Grade 10’s. 

The personal Project was handed in on Monday by excited/nervous students. The interviews take place this week and next! (The personal project is a compulsory part of MYP5 and an opportunity for students to write an academic paper about something they love) The students produce a product, a process journal and a written report. They will also be interviewed about the whole process.

The creativity and dedication to detail that has gone into many of the products is brilliant. This is the culmination of a long process working with an advisor and drafting and redrafting their written report. The process is so important and leads onto the Extended Essay in the Diploma. 

The Personal Project Evening is on next week – 25th of April.


The Cambridge Dictionary’s definition of diversity – the fact of many different types of things or people being included in something.

Wow, yesterday was one of those days! It is exciting and dynamic working here. Some of yesterday’s highlights;

  • Lunch with a group of Grade 6 girls talking about what we all did during the holidays.
  • Meeting with the Chairman of the SIS Board of Governors.
  • Met with School Careers Counsellor and an ex-SIS student regarding a University application
  • Attending an India film screening sponsored by the Indian Ambassador. A vibrant cultural film displaying some of the festivals and diversity within India. Plus some gorgeous food.
  • Looked through student applications for next year.
  • Visited the MYP Enrichment Fashion Design group.
  • Discussed with the PE Staff some details of the up coming Nordic Network Sports Tournament.
  • Prepared the documentation for the Swedish School Inspection team visit next week.
  • Spoke on the telephone to a parent regarding the Language Trips abroad.
  • Sorted out my bookings for the ASIB COnference next week in Karlstad.

It all reminds me of the DIVERSITY of activities occurring at SIS and the role every staff member has in making them happen.