Longing for a clean desk


Longing for a clean desk

Where does all this paper come from?!?!??!


‘And now…… the end is near….’

As Frank Sinatra and Johnny Rotten sang these words, so too is the academic year 2012-2013 coming abruptly to an end. Time flies and suddenly I am busy reading every student in the secondary school’s End of Year Report Card.

So much has happened. New students arriving during the year, settling in, finding friends, changing the dynamic in the classrooms. So much subject content has been studied and so much learning has taken place. Many students have grown 6 inches during the year and all of them have grown in knowledge, understanding and skills. The teachers have coaxed, cajoled, crafted and demanded the best from the students. Some students reaching fantastic academic heights; some reaching their potential whatever level that is. Some students suddenly speaking very good english after starting the year in EAL.

Young Grade 6’s now have grown and understand the workings of the MYP; Cheeky Grade 7’s realize that Secondary school is quite a lot of work. Cool Grade 8’s are suddenly taller and more mature than when they started the year; Annexe-inhabiting Grade 9’s realise next year they have the personal project; Proud Grade 10’s choosing subjects and preparing for the DP. All in a year’s work at school. 

For me, who has been working on next academic year for several months now, the actual year comes to an end. All the farewells, celebrations and goodbyes to students and parents who have become friends. Our staffing is set for next year. We do have some goodbyes to teachers who are returning to their home country or leaving us for new adventures overseas. We have some changing roles within the school and some new investments in resources. We hope to expand our 1:1 laptop programme and change the way we work in school as outlined in this recent newspaper article.


The last week of school begins tomorrow and is full of activities. I am playing football with the students at the SIS World Cup semi finals (the team Im playing in has cruised into the finals) and then later the same day, playing bass guitar with the Principals band accompanying some students singing. Later this week we have an MUN activity day, an outing Day and of course, our End of Year Assembly with academic awards and a last farewell to our Graduating class. Can’t wait……