Tomorrow I’m going through the school’s Fair and Equal Treatment plan with our Grade 11 students. I thought I would start the ‘lesson’ with this film. Maybe you have seen it??

It is ten minutes long. The results of this social experiment is earth shattering. Grade 3 students can be turned into discriminatory and derogatory ‘races’ based on their eye colour.


School Camps

Very quiet in the school today due to the Middle School Students all on camp;

Grade 6 has gone to Öland (an island off the coast of Sweden)

Grade 7 has gone to Gotland (an island east coast of Sweden)

Grade 8 has gone to Smögen (west coast of Sweden)

Grade 9 has gone to Lassekrok in Hälsingland (north of Sweden)

Grade 10 has gone to Åland (an island half way between Sweden and Finland)




Thoughts about the first week of school;

  • Enjoyable meeting the new families.
  • Have the students really grown that much?
  • Wow, I thought I had everything prepared.
  • Such interesting conversations during lunch break.
  • New challenges every year.


Morning with the staff at Kolmården wildlife park kicking off the new school year. The feeling is so positive with lots of smiling faces and hugs. One can tell that the staff really like working with each other. The new staff have dived in the ‘deep end’ immediately making contact with everyone. It augurs well for a successful school year.


School start….

Having worked a few weeks now in a school building empty of students, I sit and wonder what it would be like to work in an office building in a big company? One gets a lot of administration work completed in a quiet, empty building, yet something is missing. At present the teachers are enjoying their last days of freedom before ironing a shirt, finding their school keys and awakening from the Summer holidays ‘bubble’. Our staff travel a lot during the break, often visiting family and friends all over the world. Most return happily looking forward to a new school year. Some shake the summer holiday cobwebs off slowly and take a few days to get back into school mode. There is always an energy when the teachers return. Excitement about the coming year; some new staff, some staff returning from leave, some new class assignments and lots of summer holiday stories. It is the same when the students begin. We have about 30% new students every year. Each has their baggage and school history. Each comes from a different academic system with expectations of school and academic demands. Some students stride in with confidence, others enter the building with a nervous smile, some enter clinging closely to a parent and many are full of excitement for the new challenge.  For parents it is difficult too. Many are new arrivals in Sweden and very eager to settle in well. Their is an element of worry and concern. It is enjoyable being about to answer the parent questions, inform about how things are done at this school and alleviate many of the worries.

The staff have a week of preparation for the start of lessons. It is an important time to mentally prepare themselves. We as a school must prepare all we need to in order to have a successful year. New staff receive a lot of information and discussion of routines. And all staff await ‘the timetable’. It is the timetable that really drives the learning, so it is important to ‘get it right’. It is a three dimensional puzzle requiring a lot of brainpower, experience and compromises. (Sounds like a marriage!) The process began last school year and climaxes in the completed timetable the week before school starts. We are two Principals who work on this and have several ‘consultant’ staff involved. 

I hope to continue this blog during the year to give the reader an insight into the life of a Principal at Stockholm International School. Not using this as a vehicle of promoting the school; rather writing about the everyday things that happen in a modern, dynamic International School with students from over 60 countries and teachers from over 20. There is never a boring moment.