Grade 7 assembly today was based on the IB Learner Profile attribute called ‘Balanced’ The students produced some good thoughts about living life in balance. The students focussed on the balanced between free time and homework time. Their short play highlighted the importance of finding your own balance and that balance is individual. 

I love that the IB MYP and IB DP are both balanced programs. In the MYP we have the 8 subject areas; and the DP the 6 subject groups. These programmes give some flexibility for individual choice, yet isn’t too specialized at this stage. Here the programme has a built in balance of subject areas. Each subject has equal weighting and is equally important. All students must study a math, science and humanities. This produces well rounded students who have a wide knowledge base. 

Reflecting on my life, I can identify periods where life was out of balance. 8 hrs work, 8 hours, sleep, 8 hours free time. Do you follow this??



To conclude the week of healthy activities, we had a breakfast this morning starting at 7.30. It was a success! I enjoyed my yoghurt, orange juice, roll with turkey and lettuce and a green tea. What a nice way to start a friday.

The start of a 6 month project

The Grade 10 students started their personal project last night. They attended an information evening with their parents about the personal project. It is an integral part of the IB MYP and is a chance for students to work on an academic paper about something that they choose themselves. The excitement was obvious as Grade 11’s told about their projects from last year and gave advice about handling the project. 

I have known many of these Grade 10’s since I went on the School Camp with them back in Grade 6. I am really looking forward to seeing their products. They are such an interesting group. I will be a Personal project supervisor for one student. 

PTA Social Event


PTA Social Event

I stayed at school last night for a PTA Social Event. It was so nice to see staff and parents in conversation about a wide range of issues, laughing and enjoying each others company. The PTA had organized nice finger food and wine was sponsored by different Embassies. Thanks to all the parents involved in providing food, setting up, cleaning up etc and thanks to the Embassies of Japan, Australia, Botswana, United States and South Africa. Roughly 30 staff appreciated the time. Good to see that the Australia wine bottles were popular despite Ilse teasing me about the nice South African wines. Thanks to the PTA Chairperson Lisa and all the helpers.

Friends Theatre performance


Friends Theatre performance

Friends Theatre performance for Grades 3-6. This 30 minute play showed how simple it is to make a difference in someones life. How, when forced together in this play, two kids from different backgrounds and status within the school, meet and learn that they really have the same wishes in life and with friends.
The students seemed to be following the story and let’s hope some of the message reinforces the message that we at the school send and hopefully, the message sent at home.

Sports Day

Great day running at the Sports Day. The kids were great. Grade 6-8 had 6 kms to run; Grades 9-10 had 9 kms to run. Some walked, but all were in the spirit of the event. SOme good contributions by staff. Special mention to Ms Turner who ran 9 kms and Mr Hume who was very fast for his 6 kms. It didn’t rain (like some previous years) and the PTA even had bananas ready for us when we finished. I LOVED getting cheered on by staff and students whilst I ran 🙂

University life for ex-SIS Students


University life for ex-SIS Students

Adam and Carl Fredrik telling our present Grade 11 & 12 students about life at Cambridge University, college life, their experiences of SIS and the IB Diploma.
Cambridge University is still ranked the No. 1 University in the UK and top 3 in the world according to many. It was exciting and proud to hear these boys talk. They both had attended SIS for 6 years or more. Such inspiration.

Student life online


Attended a ‘Friends’ organization presentation and discussion about Life for students online. Main points I was reminded of;

  • Life ‘online’ is an everyday part of life ‘offline’ – not a separate world we can step in and out of.
  • It is the values and morals of the students that influence what they do online.
  • Banning or blocking sites in impossible – new ones emerge everyday.
  • The importance of discussion, time, sharing with our young people about what they do online… ask them to show you, try out playing an online game with them, read a blog that they follow, see if it is appropriate.

SIS have units of work about ‘Digital Citizenship’ and Technology classes discuss online safety, appropriate use of the internet etc.

More discussions are needed in homes regarding this issue.