Thanks to grade 9

Spent the day at G I H playing volleyball with grade 9 and Mr Forssen and Mrs Hellström. It is so interesting seeing the students in a different environment. All students spent their lesson practicing digs, sets, serves and spikes. It was magic when a student or group or students successfully completed the different tasks (sometimes surprising themselves). A volleyball has a tendency to fly in all sorts of different unexpected directions. The students and teachers graciously let me join in and I was transported back to 1982.
The students were in constantly changing constellations and worked well together. I honestly heard no negative comments during the lessons. Fantastic.


with Alice @ gymnasiemässan (The Swedish School Convention)


with Alice @ gymnasiemässan (The Swedish School Convention)

Had a great morning at this large school Convention for students. It is a place where students in Swedish Grade 9 come to look at all the schools which offer upper secondary education. Most of these students will be choosing a new school for the final three years of their education.
It is so nice to talk to families about education. We understand that our school is not for everybody; but we want to keep our school profile visible in our host country. We want to reach out to Swedish or International students living in Sweden as well as our usual International families.
It is interesting to see the trends in the local Swedish Education. It seems that schools are very specialized and narrow in their offerings. I wonder if students aged 15 really know the direction they want to follow. Did you know what you wanted to study/do when you were 15? I certainly didn’t and was very pleased to have studied a more general programme. This is one of the strengths of the IB programme. I LOVE it that all students must study at least one of the different disciplines; humanities, science, math, two languages. This broad base gives a fantastic platform for future studies.
I am skeptical to starting to study as a security guard or IT developer, or hotel management at such a young age. I am afraid that we will see many students having to go back to school to compliment their school studies with extra subjects that they did not study when they were at school in order to study at University or a college of some type.
Your thoughts??

Mark Levitt enthusing the students about writing.


Mark Levitt enthusing the students about writing.

The PTA, together with the school, organized the author Mark Levitt to visit and talk to the students. He used his skills of storytelling to enthuse and excite the students about writing creative stories, especially about everyday events and occurrences.
I loved his New York accent and use of language and wit. He met with many students during the day. This was a wonderful initiative from the PTA.