Annexe Council’s Gingerbread decorating contest


Annexe Council's Gingerbread decorating contest

Fantastic to see creativity in action with decorating these small gingerbread man/woman. The Annexe Council organized this event for Grade 9-12 students.


Nobel Dinner for SIS


Nobel Dinner for SIS

To celebrate the Nobel Dinner in Stockholm, had SIS its’ own Nobel Lunch. ‘Fraiche’, our catering company had 3 of their Chefs serving a 3 course extra fancy lunch. We had a small entree which was a soft bread roll with filling; main course was oven baked salmon with roasted vegetables and a salad followed by a piece of chocolate cake, with white chocolate mousse and a strawberry on top. YUM!
Thanks to Fraiche for decorating the lunchroom with white cotton tablecloths, candelabra and gorgeous food. To say the students liked their lunch was an understatement. In this picture Jens, watched on as students helped themselves to the food.

3D printing at SIS


3D printing at SIS

SIS had a demonstration of 3D printing in the Design room last week. Fantastic to hear about and see first hand, the technological advances with this type of production. The whole process is very exciting and accessible to students of all ages. SIS will invest in at least one of these printers very soon.
Students will design a product based on the design specification of the project. Maybe start using paper and pencils; putting onto paper their ideas and exploring design possibilities. Then they will move to google ‘sketch’ or a CAD programme to make a 3D design. This way they can see visually the outcome of their design ideas. The designs will be modified and developed within this programme. When totally happy with everything, students can print a 3D model of their product. It might be a figurine, a plan of a house, a form or shape or even a cup or mug. The 3D printing takes a longer time to print that normal printers; the actual time depending on the size and complexity of the form it is printing. Most larger items ware best printed out overnight. One can search on the internet within the huge bank of designs that exist for these types of printers too.
SIS is hoping this technology will be used in other subjects as well. The applications are endless for science, art math and more.

Your opinion needed

Recently I was planning the upcoming Grade 6-8 Student assembly. A standard agenda point at these assemblies has been ‘festivals or celebrations’ which occurred that month or were upcoming.  At this time of the year there are many religious celebrations. Many International Schools do one of the following things with the issue of religion;

  1. Ignore it totally
  2. Study comparative religion in Humanities
  3. Celebrate the festivals of their host country
  4. Celebrate the festivals in which their students celebrate.

I would be interested in celebrating ‘World Religion Day’ – January 18th, 2014. This day was initiated as a day where people could ‘unite to foster the establishment of interfaith understanding and harmony by emphasizing the common denominators underlying all religions’ It focuses on the concept of faith and the things similar in the major religions.

Religion is one of those things we don’t talk about at dinner parties (along with sex and politics) yet it has a huge impact on how our society is and acts. Is it ‘wrong’ to bring this into school? Is it wrong to give attention to this issue by celebrating this day?  Would you be offended? Could this have any negative fallout? Are we too politically sensitive? 

Your opinion is needed…….. let me know what you think.