IB workshop in Berlin

Looking forward to 2 1/2 days of learning about the MYP; the next chapter here in Berlin. We are 13 teachers from SIS representing 5 of the 8 subject areas ( the other subject groups attend workshops in Sweden and Zagreb later next month)
Nice to be reacquainted with familiar faces from different International schools in the region.
A sign of a good school is the total amount of time, energy and money that a school give to further educating their staff. I am pleased to say that this is a priority at SIS and one of the reasons why staff do not want to leave. In a report recently about what makes good schools, one person commented that it is easy to have good schools. Simply, get the best teachers, further educate them continually and look after them so they stay.


Saving lives …..


Saving lives .....

We are privileged to have many CPR instructors on staff at SIS. It was my turn to participate in our annual First Aid training (5 groups of 15 staff participated this year)
It was informative and good to actually practice different real life scenarios. We trained doing the heart compressions and breathing; calling out for help and calling 112 (swedish emergency number). We practiced using the Heart starter (We have two of these at school). All of the staff present enjoyed the experience. It was team building for the staff as well.
It has been fun today, the morning after, to talk with the other participants and we all have sore wrists from the compressions. Big thanks to our PE staff and Åsa for teaching the staff and planning how best to do First Aid training, at age appropriate levels, in all classes. The IB MYP subject called ‘Physical Education’ will change starting August 2014 to, ‘Physical and Health Education’ – then we will include more health education. I think this is great for the students.

Keeping up ……

There is never a dull moment at SIS. Some short events that have happened recently;

  1. Expressive Arts Showcase – students in the MYP showing what they have learnt in class.
  2. Winter Sports Day – written about previously
  3. Language Fair – This year’s theme is “SIS in Wonderland” and students will present fairytales in different languages. There will be food, performances and games. The performances will be held at 17:00, 17:30 and 18:00. We will also have a lottery where you can win nice goodies from ‘Winjas’ (1 ticket = 20 SEK) The event is free of charge and all money donations will go to UNICEF.
  4. Visit from Sydney University admissions telling about the courses they offer. 
  5. PTA Valentines Day event – lots of fun activities for the students
  6. Student Council Valentines Day roses.
  7. Grade 12 Graduation Dinner Committee and appropriate SIS staff presented their plans to other Grade 12 parents regarding all of the Grade 12 end of year activities. These include End of year Trip, Student lunch, Graduation Ceremony and Dinner, Exam routines and timetable.
  8. Smart Youth – talking with Grade 6-10 students about the impacts of smoking. 

Next week is the Sports Break. Something unique in Sweden. One week break from school. 

SIS Whole School Sports Day


Students are busy today with our sports day. The Secondary School students are mainly focussed on winter activities, yet are offered an amazing diversity of sports activities today including;

  1. Ski trip all day (up to Rommé Alpine park)
  2. Ice skating
  3. Curling
  4. Fencing
  5. Climbing – indoor rock climbing
  6. Bowling
  7. basketball
  8. Taekwondo
  9. Kick boxing
  10. Wushu (Kung Fu)

Different classes do a combination of these activities. The ski trip is the only one that involves additional costs. All activities are supervised by teachers. I can’t wait to hear stories of teachers participating in Ice skating, curling, fencing and the martial arts. Let’s just say that some of our teachers are not experienced with these sports. I’m so glad that we have external instructors for most of the activities. My experience from past years is that students love trying these new activities and that some continue with them outside of school time.

I’m sure that there will be many pictures on the school’s website soon.


ACER-ISA today

Our school chooses to do the ACER-ISA tests. For us, it is a good way to benchmark our students against other international schools results. It shows individual results as well as schoolwide trends. The information provided by the tests help us evaluate our program. The tests also provide the opportunity to practice formal examination conditions. This is a skill that is vital, especially for IB students.
ACER has its headquarters in my hometown Melbourne. I used to drive past the street on which they are located everyday on the way to work.

A Doll’s House

Spent 2 lessons with Grade 11 IB DP Literature class. The students presented different aspects of Ibsen’s ‘A Doll’s House’. They looked at stage directions written in the text, looked at the literary devices, looked at the  historic and social background of the play. SO impressed to see the depth of thought and preparation of their presentations for each other. Also how the students took notes from each other. 

The use of technology is such a support. The students uploaded their presentations to google docs and could easily assess their own (and others) presentations and by using the projector, show their class mates. Students share knowledge and inspire and encourage each other. The technological platform supports this methodology.

Next on the reading list is Albert Camus ‘The Outsiders’ – more books to read 🙂 





‘Svenne’ by Per Nilsson is one of the books the Grade 9 Swedish A class have been reading. I joined the class in their final activity about this book; students presenting one aspect of the book via a poster and a speech. I enjoyed hearing Marco and David present their ideas around the issues of the book. These include the issues of racism, generalizations, prejudices, hidden racism and stereotypes.
The student presentations were well prepared and despite some nervousness (maybe exaggerated by my presence) well executed. The points were well expressed and showed depth of thought. The classmates gave good constructive feedback about the presentation technique and asked questions about the content.
Now my homework is to read the book. I do read Swedish, however not as fast as in English. I will write my thoughts when completed. Thanks to Ms Söderström and the class for allowing me to join in the questions and discussion.