Turn over

Schools are like every microcosm. We have our different roles, different types of people and activities and dramas of day to day life. This is even true for our staff.
We are currently looking for some new staff members due to different reasons. One teacher is moving back to their home country to participate in further studies. One staff member is moving to their partner’s country to be with their family. One staff member wants to experience teaching abroad and return to our school after a year leave. One staff member is entering a different industry and leaving us. It is all a part of life; but sad to see people leaving us. Even thought I am happy for all these staff and pleased that they are following their dreams and ‘moving on’, I still would love them to stay and keep contributing to our community.
The advertisements have been placed locally and on the Council of International Schools website. This always leads to a diverse and competent group of applicants. Within the applicants many would be very capable to join us. The ‘art’ is to find the right one. This is not only the most qualified on paper, or the most experienced or the most social and nice. It is a complex balance of hard and soft data to choose the right applicant. We have lots of correspondence with the candidates (both within Sweden, Europe and the world) scrutinized by Heads of Department, coordinators and subject teachers. Skype calls, face to face interviews and ‘walk and talk’ within our facilities are some of the strategies we use to hear more about the competencies of each candidate. It has to be a mutual acceptance; The school want a candidate and also that they want us, based on seeing the school, hearing about how things work here and the potential to fulfill their teaching dreams.
I would like to thing that we always ‘get it right’ and I am so pleased to have good colleagues to give their impressions and feedback about candidates. Having a clear idea of the type of staff member you are looking for helps with the selection process. I understand why HR companies can spend thousands of hours and money on recruiting the right staff member. I know we will follow our process and hire some amazing new staff members; but it is always with a bit of sadness for the ones leaving us. The microcosm of school continues, as it will the day I leave SIS.