Professional Development in Oslo

We were three staff members from SIS attending the Council of International Schools (CIS) visiting team training today in Oslo. Fantastic to hear more about the accreditation standards of the CIS. Brilliant professional development that will benefit our school. 

Arriving tonight are ten other SIS staff members to attend the Nordic Network of International Schools teacher conference. The programme looks good and meeting colleagues is always such an enriching experience. Teachers attending this conference are from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and more. 


Mayday! Mayday!

I hope that our IB Diploma students didn’t yell ‘Mayday! Mayday!’ when turning over the exam paper and looking at the first examination question. This week IB students all over our AEM region (Africa, Europe and Middle East) started their final exams. Two years preparation and now the time has come for students to show what they have learnt. It is showtime at last. Exciting. Scary. Challenging. But something all students have looked forward to. It marks the end of their schooling. For most SIS students the future is University or a gap year. A pathway to an adult life. A right of passage. I love exam time. The buzz and excitement and looks in students eyes pre- and post- exam. For some students they build the exams up into Mt Everest, some a little more relaxed with the majority somewhere in between.
We as a school feel very confident in the preparation for the exams and look forward to the results, not to mention the Graduation celebrations. The Graduation ceremonies bring the community together to celebrate our students leaving SIS. Many will be spread with the wind, studying in all corners of the world. Never again will life be the same for these young adults. We hope they will value their time at our school. This year SIS will have its 62nd Graduating class (if my math is correct) Many young people have experienced education with us and graduating out into the world. I would love to know where every one of these alumni students are now. I wish someone would invent a ‘find your alumni’ app for my iPad. It would make fascinating reading.