It has been a tough job for me to keep up with my blog postings about the different activities occurring at SIS. Here are some;

– SIS MUN Day last Thursday, MYP Outing Day last Monday, MYP Sports Day last Tuesday. MYP Student Council organized Talent Show today. DP Graduating Class ‘prank’ decorating the Annexe, Preparing Report cards in ManageBac, Information session about IB MYP with Grade 5’s entering the programme. 

I’m looking forward to the End of Year Ceremony tomorrow. The whole school and school community together to celebrate the End of a great year at SIS. The Ambassadors awards will be presented, Music performances, Speeches and finally the beginning of the summer holidays for the students. I wish all the best to the students leaving us. I know that SIS will have prepared them for future schools and studies. We hear this from Alumni regularly.

A special event today. A fantastic teacher retired after 40 years as a teacher AT OUR SCHOOL. Wow, I’m 47 and this teacher could have taught me when I was in primary school. She has dedicated her life to our school and has touched the lives of many many students during the past 40 years. I am not sure if I will ever work with someone who has been at the same school for 40 years!



Today was the semi finals of the SIS World Cup football tournament. The teams were ready (despite us having a MUN theme day and everyone dressed very formally) I remembered to bring my gym clothes, but realized too late that I had only one gym shoe! So playing in my suit and nice shoes, the team I was a member of, fought hard to win our semi, 2-0. So On to the final we went. Our side, representing Bolivia, took the lead with a great goal by Akash. Sadly, we gave away a penalty and the scores were equalled. So, we went into penalty shoot out. Many goals and good saves, with it finally coming to my turn for a penalty. The Principal cannot be the one to lose the game. My penalty was hard and fast, but sadly about a foot outside the right post. Our team lost the final. Disappointing! My team mates from grades 6-8 were fantastic and celebrated coming 2nd. Big thanks to Matt and Michael who organized this tournament and umpired all the matches. Great school spirit and lots of fun.
I think I better practice my penalty kicks for next year..


Here is a good Swedish word to learn and one of the few Swedish traditions we follow. When students in Sweden, long ago, received their academic results, they could exit the school via the front of the building receiving praise and cheers from their friends and family. ‘Utspring’ literally means ‘run out’. The students ran out in joy. (Students who did not do well got to sneak out the back door in shame)
It was with great pride and joy today that our graduating class enjoyed a beautiful lunch with their teachers, then ‘ran’ out of the building to be greeted by family and friends. Along the 5 flights of stairs were flag waving, cheering primary and middle school students. Fantastic school spirit. It was a beautiful pre-summer day and everyone was in the festive mood. I’m now looking forward to our graduating ceremony on Wednesday.