SIS Learner profile

SIS has adopted the IB learner profile as their own. We have changed ‘risk-taker’ for courageous.
The students made versions for the classrooms, so I decided to make my own posters using teachers and students as models.
See if you can tell which learner profile attribute is appropriate for the attached pictures.






University visit.

Together with our grade 12’s to hear about studying at University College London and Kings College London. Great advice about personal statements and application strategies. Pleased to hear many of our students have a clear idea about what they want to study and where.

Roll up the sleeves

School trips – completed.
School photos – completed.
Subject choices finalized.
Now it is time to roll up the sleeves and get working. The first units of work have begun and it is great to see the learning in action. The IT department have handed out laptop computers to the grades 9-12, with grades 6-8 scheduled for early next week. Lots of activities planned for the coming weeks, including the school cross country jog.