Peace and conflict resolution.

His excellency Mr Kakaouris from the Cypriot embassy spoken with our students in grades 8-12 about the relevance of the UN today. His insight into the workings of the UN and his theoretical knowledge of conflict resolution was the message I will take with me from his presentation. He challenged the students and engaged them in the need for peaceful conflict resolution. Minkyu and Nikhil were the hosts together with Ms Schmidt.



UN Day US Ambassador addressing our students


His Excellency Mr. Brzezinski addressing our students celebrating our commonality and differences. Students from 65 different countries walking together in peace. Students learning empathy and cultural understanding. Makes me feel proud to be part of the community at our school.

From design to market

As part of our design class, Mr A.I. organized a visit by the founder, owner and CEO of MODO. This is a company designing and producing quality glasses and frames. Alessandro Lanaro, spoke to students about the whole design cycle and how they work in his successful company. MODO produce frames that serve different purposes and different design specifications using titanium, and ecological products. He explained his company’s corporate social responsibility and how they work in Cameroon and Nepal to ‘do good’.
It was a great opportunity for our grades 8 & 9 students to gain this insight into the whole process from design to market place, including advertising. The students (and teachers) tried on the glasses with or without glass, and were impressed. Big thanks to Mr Lanaro for giving so freely of his time and presenting this so well.





After listening to many plenary sessions involving guest speakers with outstanding academic credentials within educational research from all over the world, I am left with many impressions. Here are some and more will be added tomorrow after the conference concludes (I will include all the names of these inspiring guest speakers as well as some links to their research.
– professional learning communities within a school are essential. A commitment from teachers to discuss and learn through collaborative work.
– decisions and strategies made within schools should be based on sound research or fact; intuition isn’t enough and can lead a school down the wrong path.
– we do not know what world we are preparing students for, therefore we must develop multilingual skills, strong communicative skills, entrepreneurial drive and collaborative learning strategies. These are valuable commodities for the future.

To be continued………

When in Rome…..

Enjoying attending the IB conference in Rome. First day pre-conference about leadership is a confirmation of why I wanted to become a school leader. Re-evaluating my priorities and values.


The real conference begins tomorrow. We are three from SIS and looking forward to gaining lots of information, thoughts, insights, contacts and more……

MYP assessment workshop

Great to see parents coming along to hear more about how assessment works in the IB and specifically about the MYP. For us working at the school, we are at home with criteria based assessment, but for some parents coming from national systems , it can be different.
Brilliant to feel the interest of the parents; both old and new.