It is always interesting going to conferences. I must say that I was a little disappointed with the structure of the plenary sessions. 2x 5 minutes presentation of a new initiative followed by 4x 20 minutes different speakers about totally unrelated issues/ concepts. MTV editing where any real depth was lacking.
The break out sessions were better (2 in particular come to mind)
1. One entitled ‘surviving girlhood’
2. A digital native presentation making a parallel between George Orwell’s 1984 and Google’s management of their auto fill function in their browser.

Anyway, lots of good discussions and renewing good contacts with other school leaders.



Greetings from the ECIS teachers conference in Nice, France. After a 2 day pre-conference about MAP (measures of academic performance) we have now begun the formal conference. Many enjoyable conversations with colleagues from across Europe and good presenters about a wide range of topics.


Please excuse the moist ache in the picture. It is all for a good cause – Movember. To raise awareness of prostate and testicular cancer is the aim.

The plenary sessions so far have been inspiring, enjoyable and educational. I know I can take back some of these ideas to our school and share them with my colleagues. More sessions planned over the next day and a half. I will write again later……