Model United Nations

Friday saw our Grade 8-12 students involved in a Model United Nations whole day event. The students focussed on Conflict resolution and, following the MUN protocols, wrestled with the conflicts presented. Students were divided up into committees with mixed year groups. It was amazing to see students grow and debate the issues using these protocols. It gave students the framework to debate, suggest, argue and come up with resolutions and canvas others to agree with their resolutions. Students dressed in formal clothes for the occasion and acted in a very respectful and mature manner. Big thanks to the staff who lead the MUN group and International Group in our school. Brilliant effort from the students who took on leadership roles and did all the organisational work behind the whole event. Stockholm International School is planning to run an MUN conference within the next few years. An event where we invite other international schools from all over the world to join us here in Stockholm, to debate and come up with solutions for real life problems.

We now have one week ‘sports holiday’. This is uniquely Swedish; a one week holiday to go skiing some where!


Council of international schools

Stockholm international school is one of only 2 schools in Sweden with accreditation by the council of international schools. This is a prestigious title and one which shows the depth of quality of our school. CIS works together with the Middle States Association of colleges and schools to jointly accredit schools. The standards and practices are rigorous and the level of expectation is high. Great for schools to measure their processes, procedures and protocols. The accreditation process is long and the follow up comprehensive.
SIS can be very proud of this achievement.

February already !!!

We’ve been back three weeks from the Christmas holiday break and SIS is powering along. The list of events happening at SIS is amazing. I recently sent a message to all the Secondary parents with the calendar dates for the next three weeks and was astounded when I saw it.
The MYP Arts Department displayed their work to the parent community. It wasn’t a ‘show’ for parents; rather a Showcase showing the work the students do every day/every week in school. We had diverse music performances (classical, modern, pop and more) Students were performing their own plays, operating lighting and video equipment. The Visual arts students displayed their work; clay, glasswork, charcoal, oils, masks and more. The students displayed their reflections and design blogs.

IMG_2212 IMG_2215

If you look at our website you will see lots of photos and articles about the ‘Fit for Nepal’ projects with the PTA. A goofy competition between Primary teachers and Secondary teachers to raise awareness and money for our charity in Nepal. This included us Principals as well. Yes, I did end up wearing a ridiculous costume, but it was all for a good cause.

An insight into a class observation today was a lesson about DNA strands and identification. Students investigated and analysed DNA strands and played CSI Stockholm, in finding out who was the father of the child (all via DNA) The Grade 10’s all prepared me for the lesson and they learnt a lot.


Next week is our Language Fair. A celebration of 2nd language learning. Always a fun event with lots of displays and interactive events. (usually nice food too)

Also next week is our Whole school Winter Sports Day. Many students will go skiing, ice skating, curling, gym games, swimming, and more… always a fun event.

The ‘Friends’ organisation is also having a Cyberbullying workshop for parents. A great opportunity to discuss this important issue and learn strategies to talk to your child about this.

We also have our visitors coming from our ‘partner’ school in Paris. They will attend school with their Grade 11 hosts, as well as see Stockholm. Our school will also discuss the future visits for our students to Paris.

The PTA also have a Valentines Day event that many Secondary school students are helping to organise as part of their Community Service (Service as Action in the MYP) The students love helping and entertaining the little students.

We as a management team are initiating our planning for next academic year. We reflect over the new initiatives for this year, evaluate many areas of the school, plan changes and developments and look for continued opportunities to improve. The staffing, timetabling, teacher allotments will follow. It is exciting having this annual review of our school. One can always improve and this is something we are striving for.