A sign that the IB DP exams are getting closer….

With just over a month of school left for our IB Diploma students, we see a sign that Graduation is getting closer. The students can see the light at the end of the IB tunnel. Here you can see four of our Grade 12’s putting on their Graduation hats. These are traditionally Swedish and date back to 1864. Our students like them, even thought we often hear comments about them looking like a ship’s captain.


The Diploma Art Students had their Exhibition last night also displaying their Art collections. This was the entire collection of work completed during the 18 months of the course. It is fun to see the development of the students ideas and general improvement. We were all very proud of their efforts and shared this with the SIS community at this event.

Now it is full steam ahead for the students aiming towards May 4th – the first IB DP exam for the year.


Who looks good wearing yellow ???

I’m not sure about you, but I can count on one hand the number of clothing items I possess that are yellow. Today I wore a rather ‘too bright’ yellow tie. Why? It was to celebrate Anti-bullying Day at SIS. It was a very visual symbol of our schools stance on working proactively against bullying and highlight this issue.

Student Council and even the PTA got involved by handing out yellow ribbons to students who forgot to wear some yellow. Many of our boys took the opportunity to display their Swedish football team yellow jumpers! Many girls with yellow tights, ribbons, t-shirts and painted finger nails.


All for a good cause.