Past pupils passing on their wisdom

It was with great pride and satisfaction that I listened to 3 SIS IB Graduates talk to the Grade 12 class this week. They spoke about their experiences during the final year of the IB and passed on their tips and ideas.


The girls spoke well, were open and honest about their experiences and shared freely of their thoughts. The tips were practical and applicable for all students. Planning your time, working hard to keep  dates, using a calendar app, starting University investigations now, revision courses and getting your paperwork in order for University applications were all good tips. Studying collaboratively was strongly recommended and something that reinforced the work done in class.

We wish the girls all the best in their Universities in the UK and USA, and would welcome them back on any occasion.


Middle School Camps

This week all of our middle school students will be travelling to different parts of Sweden (and Finland) on School Camp.

Grade 6 to Öland

Grade 7 to Gotland

Grade 8 to Smögen

Grade 9 to Lassekrog

Grade 10 to Åland –

The students return with new experiences, new adventures, new friends, stronger ties to their classmates and teachers AND one or two funny stories about things that happened!!!

Glorious Summer school start

I love talking to all of the secondary school students (like I have done/doing this week) especially about their schools from last academic year. Many students come from other International Schools in hot countries. Stockholm is beautiful this time of year, but some of these new students have not been here in December when we have snow and minus 15 degrees. Most of them are really looking forward to snow.