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Not sure if I agree?!? What is your experience of effective leaders? #ibaem2015 


Spirit Week

Pyjama Day at school today as part of our ‘Spirit Week’ activities. Felt strange getting dressed as normal, then changing into my pyjamas at school. Many students joined in the spirit and the amount of comments and talk has been great. Some quotes so far today:

  • ‘This should be our school uniform’
  • ‘It’s kinda like working from home, but at school’
  • ‘Very sexy’ (from a PTA parent! I’m worried about her eyesight)
  • ‘This is sooooo comfortable’
  • ‘You are very brave wearing that!’


I hope there is no emergency today or a fire drill or even an important student issue.


Time to kick off our 18 month preparation time for the continued accreditation with the CIS MSA organisations. The school hosted two peer visitors from Council of International Schools and the Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges. Our visitors met with many people and gave us lots of feedback for areas of school improvement.

Middle States Association & Council of International Schools

These are two excellent organisations and we are very proud to be fully accredited member schools. There are two schools in Sweden that have this status (The other school is in Gothenburg) We look forward to continued cooperation with these organisations. We have 3 staff members, including myself, who are approved and used by CIS as peer visitors.

Should I be worried?

Walking down the corridor at 6pm on a Friday night, I was confronted by this sign. 

Grade 9 social evening with a pre Halloween theme was just getting started. Lots of fun, some music, food and ‘chilling’ with each other. The teachers generously giving of their time on a Friday night.